MVP Card – The best way to get discounts on your dry cleaning

Get quality dry cleaning done for less!

Have you ever said the following? “What? How much is my dry cleaning bill today?” or “You’re kidding, I could have bought a NEW dress for that much!” Have you ever felt you were paying for the same garment you dry clean over and over again? Doesn’t it seem like dry cleaning costs can easily get out of control?

On the other hand, isn’t it important to have your garments properly handled by a reputable dry cleaner that knows what they’re doing? After all, it’s expensive to replace clothes and time consuming to find things that fit properly and you love to wear. You’re paying to have it done and you want it done right!

Service and quality can vary greatly between one dry cleaner and another. So then, how do you get quality dry cleaning without breaking the bank?

I’m glad you asked. The answer, my friend, is the MVP discount card! You can save hundreds of dollars on your professional dry cleaning and laundry services with quality dry cleaners in your area.

We made sure the cleaners we work with are among the best in the business so you can get the quality you deserve and know the job will be done right. Most offer free pick-up and delivery to your home or office as well as professional alterations, wedding gown preservation, leather and suede cleaning, hand finished shirt laundry, same day express service and more.

One customer’s experience when she ran out of MVP discount cards:

“When I looked at my credit card bill, my dry cleaning was almost double! I called the cleaners and they said I was out of MVP cards. I went on-line and purchased more MVP dry cleaning discount cards. Thanks, Card Promotions.” –MD

Your MVP cards come with a 90 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the “order now” button NOW and see how easy it can be to get great quality dry cleaning for the right price!